Fire Plan Box (Indoor Mounting)

  • 14650

A fire safety plan box provides a central location to store a copy of a building’s fire safety plan, contact list, checklists, and other important documentation for emergencies. In many cities across Canada, it is required by law if the building has a fire safety plan. In all other jurisdictions it is highly recommended by local fire departments.

The fire safety plan box can be locked with a padlock (included) to allow the building’s staff access. If staff are not present, the lock can easily be cut open by a responding fire department. A spare lock that can be stored inside the box is provided so that it can be relocked when the fire department leaves.

Please contact if you have any questions about local requirements in your jurisdiction.

Product Dimensions: 13.5" tall x 11" wide x 4” deep. Made from non-alloy quality steel. 

Includes weather-proof fire plan box, 2 padlocks + 4 keys, key chain, and mounting hardware.

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